Dallas Road Engagement session

How did I ended up photographing in Victoria BC?

This year I decided to take a big break before my wedding season starts, and I decided I will spend a month traveling.
My plan was to spend 3 weeks in Vancouver and Victoria, Canada, and 2 weeks in Egypt.  I did not choose Canada by an accident. For the past 5 years I have been working for Flytographer, an amazing company based in Victoria, BC, and it was about time to meet in person all the great people standing behind the project. During my “internship” in the Flytographer headquarters, I learned so much about new tech and helped them with the daily workflows in the office.

I knew that while in Canada it would be a great opportunity to do a photoshoot, but finding a customer online is always tricky. Little did I know that all the girls working for Flytographer are perfect models for me and instead of one photoshoot I ended up doing five sessions in two days.


2018 review

A year in a slideshow

How was my 2018? It was exhausting and beautiful in a same way.

2018 gave me a lot of opportunities, new friends, new experiences.

I traveled 3 continents. Captured over 30 weddings and surprise proposals. Even though something wasn’t as wished, I can mark 2018 as the good one.

2019 seems to me should be a good one too! I can’t wait to meet all my clients next year. And I am looking for all the adventures I wish will happen. But what I am asking the universe for – please keep us healthy and strong. Because this is the most important thing. The other things can be solved.

Wedding in France

Wedding Courcelles le Roy

Second wedding in France this year. Both of the weddings took me to Paris and beyond. And I have to say the countryside around it is so beautiful!
This wedding was the biggest surprise of 2018. Lebanese couple decided to go out of the Lebanese wedding standards (250+ guests, huuuge venue, huuge celebration) and they decided to fly to France, to book a chateau in the Loire region and have fun in a beautiful country with the best food and wine. And that proved to be the best idea! I was surprised you can book a beautiful venue via Airbnb. So if you think of getting married abroad, check the booking sites, it’s incredible what you can find there.

Right from the beginnig of the wedding planning I knew they are going to have 25 guests only, I expected a family celebration without a big party. I couldn’t be more wrong. Lebanese have the dancing in their veins. So when the dj started to play the music, they were all on their feet. And it was the best wedding party ever!

Cesky Krumlov Surprise proposal

Marriage proposal in Cesky Krumlov

A young couple from Singapore got engaged in a beautiful historical city of Cesky Krumlov.

Ever since then I visited picturesque Cesky Krumlov I knew I want to do a photo session there. It’s not as quiet as it used to be, because of the growing tourism. So the early morning was the only option how to have the city empty.


Eloping with a dog

Elopement in Italy

This couple decided to escape from the traditional wedding concept and instead of having a big wedding they traveled to Italy and tight the knot in a historical town of Silvi accompanied only by their Jack Russel Terrier.


I was the first person they contacted at the beginning of their wedding planning. Precisely that makes me always happy, because then I can help the couple with everything. After so many years in the wedding industry, I can help them to find the best wedding planner in the area they want to be married in and give tips on how to build up the day according to sunlight.

After a while, the place was set. The date was set. When I was about to book the trip to Italy I decided I will take my mom with me.  Not only because she is a hairdresser and she can make the wedding styling of the bride, but also because I want to take her on a little trip to Rome as this was something we wanted to do for years. (more…)

Surprise proposal in Dolomites

Braies Lake engagement session

This photo session happened at the end of a busy wedding season.
And it was the best photo escape so far.Jakub and I are colleagues from the wedding industry. He is a videographer from DIB production and we are used to work together. But to be honest, this was the hardest task of the season. Because trick a girlfriend of your friend is always hard. It is even harder if you join them at their holidays for two days in a different country (and bear in mind that she had no idea about me joining them up until it actually happened.)

I was already involved from the very beginning of the planning process. I helped Jakub to choose the ring designer and little did I know that I will in a few months pick up the ring in 27 jewelry store and travel with it to the Italian Dolomites.When Jakub started with surprise proposal planning, he wanted to make it in the mountains. Kata, his wife to be, loves climbing and hills. Dolomites were on the bucket lists for so long, so it became THE place of his proposal. The only thing was – how to get me there, what to tell Kata so that they could meet me in Italy (with a camera) and how to explain me spending two days with them and at the same time not cause any suspicion that something is in the air.