I believe the wedding is about you, your love, families, and friends.
Therefore the biggest part of the day I am wedding photojournalist/documentarist. I am blending in the crowds and you barely notice I am around. My eyes are trained to see every detail which makes the final wedding gallery a visual legacy. These details will bring to life every single emotion of the day which will make you remember the day forever.
The only part of the wedding day when I do some directions is your couple session. To have the perfect wedding photography we need to have a perfect light. Before you set up the schedule, get in touch with me and I will give you some advice when to make a slot for our photo session. As a wedding photographer, I prefer candid and natural portraits. I am not the photographer, who steals the couple for hours of the wedding. And I certainly do not arrange the couple into "funny" poses or cliché shots. The couple session usualy takes max. 60 minutes, ideally in the golden or blue hour of the evening.

7+ years
4 continents 
12 countries
150 + happy couples