Wedding in Oegstgeest / photosession in Leiden

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Dutch Wedding

It seems I’ve started a tradition, that every year I am photographing weddings in Leiden. We did the couple session in the area about the old town, De Burcht and Hortus Botanicus, a common route when shooting in the city of Leiden. For the ceremony, however, the couple chose Oegstgeest venue Villa Beukenhof. This venue is a great place if you want a place with a nice private garden, where you can spend time with your guests if the weather allows. And the garden is beautiful for wedding l in July. There are a lot of corners you can hide and have a great floral background for your wedding photos.

Fabienne and Stefan were guests at this wedding I photographed back in 2017. I remember I took a picture of Fabienne with her wide smile during the reception and I guess this delivered photo of her did the magic I was booked as their wedding photographer two years later.

The Netherlands

You all know how much I LOVE THE NETHERLANDS. And how happy I am when I am back in the state. Enjoying canals, Dutch and Belgium beers. And eating a lot of unhealthy fried food such as Bitterballen. Oh gosh, I miss Bitterballen!

So what is so special about Dutch weddings next to the served Bitterballen? The ceremonies are so relaxed, very personal, though some of the longest civil ceremonies ever. They may take about an hour or more. And why? because the officiant speaks about their lives and stories. There is a lot of speakers from family sides. And it’s very emotional. The very first wedding I captured in the Netherlands made me change my career from a car photography business to a wedding documentarists photographer.

wedding venue: Villa Beukenhof

dress: enzoani blue

GFX 50r  dostupný střední formát

Střední formát. To je obrazový výsledek pro náročné.

Fujifilmu se povedla jedna věc. A to dostat velký čip středního formátu do těla, které není zas až tak gigantické a težké. A díky tomu se i střední formát může stát vaším cestovním fotoaparátem.

Takže se  GFX 50R z podíval se mnou do Seattle a  vyzkoušela jsem ho  právě jako fotoaparát na cestovní obrázky, na rodinnou fotografii a i jako hlavní kameru na svatbě.  (more…)

Dallas Road Engagement session

How did I ended up photographing in Victoria BC?

This year I decided to take a big break before my wedding season starts, and I decided I will spend a month traveling.
My plan was to spend 3 weeks in Vancouver and Victoria, Canada, and 2 weeks in Egypt.  I did not choose Canada by an accident. For the past 5 years I have been working for Flytographer, an amazing company based in Victoria, BC, and it was about time to meet in person all the great people standing behind the project. During my “internship” in the Flytographer headquarters, I learned so much about new tech and helped them with the daily workflows in the office.

I knew that while in Canada it would be a great opportunity to do a photoshoot, but finding a customer online is always tricky. Little did I know that all the girls working for Flytographer are perfect models for me and instead of one photoshoot I ended up doing five sessions in two days.


2018 review

A year in a slideshow

How was my 2018? It was exhausting and beautiful in a same way.

2018 gave me a lot of opportunities, new friends, new experiences.

I traveled 3 continents. Captured over 30 weddings and surprise proposals. Even though something wasn’t as wished, I can mark 2018 as the good one.

2019 seems to me should be a good one too! I can’t wait to meet all my clients next year. And I am looking for all the adventures I wish will happen. But what I am asking the universe for – please keep us healthy and strong. Because this is the most important thing. The other things can be solved.

Wedding in France

Wedding Courcelles le Roy

Second wedding in France this year. Both of the weddings took me to Paris and beyond. And I have to say the countryside around it is so beautiful!
This wedding was the biggest surprise of 2018. Lebanese couple decided to go out of the Lebanese wedding standards (250+ guests, huuuge venue, huuge celebration) and they decided to fly to France, to book a chateau in the Loire region and have fun in a beautiful country with the best food and wine. And that proved to be the best idea! I was surprised you can book a beautiful venue via Airbnb. So if you think of getting married abroad, check the booking sites, it’s incredible what you can find there.

Right from the beginnig of the wedding planning I knew they are going to have 25 guests only, I expected a family celebration without a big party. I couldn’t be more wrong. Lebanese have the dancing in their veins. So when the dj started to play the music, they were all on their feet. And it was the best wedding party ever!

Cesky Krumlov Surprise proposal

Marriage proposal in Cesky Krumlov

A young couple from Singapore got engaged in a beautiful historical city of Cesky Krumlov.

Ever since then I visited picturesque Cesky Krumlov I knew I want to do a photo session there. It’s not as quiet as it used to be, because of the growing tourism. So the early morning was the only option how to have the city empty.