Winter wonderland


alternative winter wedding

My friend Eliska got married on January 31, 2015. It was my first wedding in 2015 and it was very unique. We’ve known each other for almost ten years and I knew her wedding will be different – with no white dress and no typical traditions. And what I thought become true. Everything was D.I.Y. except for the amazing wedding bouquet made by Kvetinove lahudkarstvi and wedding cake by Tuleni.
We went to the mountains on Friday. The wedding venue was an old mountain house from middle of 19th century owned by our friend. The house has it’s own soul and that comes with it’s long history. There were many old things hanged on the walls so we did not have to change a thing. We used old branches as a decorations on the tables. Centerpieces were old jars found in the attic that we filled with black coal and a branch.All the food was homemade and heated on the fire stove, which was also the only source of heating for the house. All weekend we had to take care of wood no matter what you were wearing. If there is no wood – you have to go out and bring / chop some!
I hope you enjoy this wedding with me because I really like brides who are open to step away from traditions. And of course I wish all the best to the newlyweds!

Květiny / Flowers: Kvetinove lahudkarstvi
Dort / Wedding cake: Tuleni 

winter wonderland wedding on snow
alternative winter wedding
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