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2019 in pictures

So this year I turned 30. And the number made me feel like a serious adult. I decided to travel alone for the first time to Canada and this decision turned out like one of the best in my life. I spent 3 weeks in Canada and took an internship in Flytographer office. You can...

Graz wedding

This is what you do when you want to go back to the roots: you do not choose modern dresses, but traditional Austrian dirndl; as a wedding venue, you pick a cottage with mountain views; and instead of DJ, you go for folk music.

Dallas Wedding Photography

10/2/18 Dallas Wedding Haley and Ian made a trip to Prague last May and I was their engagement photographer. It is always nice to shoot back in my hometown. The day of the shooting was extremely cold, which is not usual for the beginning of May. Haley was wearing just a floral summer dress and...

Real film photo session

Engagement session in Prague   In this busy digital world, when the pictures are instantly ready and you see what you took straight away, it’s nice to calm down… pack few film rolls… and wait weeks until you see it.

Disappearing Manhattan

New York City photographer This might have been the craziest photo session I have ever made. Why? Because it was snowing all morning only to start raining a bit later. As you can imagine, the snow started to melt in that rain and all of us ended up wet. But this is the end of...