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Ayumi and Lukas are heroes. Nothing goes right with a wedding planning. One of their disasters was when a hotel they picked quit their contract just 10 days before the wedding and they had to pan everything all over again. The wedding happened as planned in Kutna Hora thanks to my colleague from amazing Svatbaret. Barbora was incredible and built up new wedding concept in really less than two weeks including a new venue, catering and all the other vendors.

The day started as a regular hot summer day. While the bride was getting ready the sun was shining and there was an amazing view to St. Barbora church in Kutna Hora. Lukas, the groom, dropped a word about possible rain during their ceremony every now and then. I just looked out of the window and tried to calm him down saying, that on this beautiful sunny day it is impossible for rain to come in only two hours. If only I knew how wrong I was.

We went for our photo-session and the end of it we could already see the sky was a bit cloudy with and there was a soft shower as well. Before the ceremony, all of the guests were under the tent a patiently waited… In a moment the shower turned into a hail storm. When the wind destroyed the tent and the rain was so heavy, I ran to the church. Within one minute I was completely wet. Trying to protect my gear I thought about the poor bride. We all looked like we jumped into the water. Except the bride, she still looked stunning and I really don’t understand how she managed that. The perfect makeup and hair was untouched. The rain was fast but short, however all the ceremony place setting was destroyed. Luckily we successfully moved the ceremony inside a Gask gallery and the wedding could continue.

The bride and groom did not stop smiling even after this weather disaster. All they said was that they wanted to be married so they are and the rest is not important. What is true… Do not let anything destroy the most important day in your lives. Nothing is worth it.

venue:Gask Galerie Stredoceskeho Kraje

wedding planning and decoration: Svatbaret

flowers:Lucernicka flowers

MUA:Katerina Lorencova

Svatba Kutna HoraSvatba Kutna Hora

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