Surprise proposal in Dolomites

Braies Lake engagement session

This photo session happened at the end of a busy wedding season.
And it was the best photo escape so far.Jakub and I are colleagues from the wedding industry. He is a videographer from DIB production and we are used to work together. But to be honest, this was the hardest task of the season. Because trick a girlfriend of your friend is always hard. It is even harder if you join them at their holidays for two days in a different country (and bear in mind that she had no idea about me joining them up until it actually happened.)

I was already involved from the very beginning of the planning process. I helped Jakub to choose the ring designer and little did I know that I will in a few months pick up the ring in 27 jewelry store and travel with it to the Italian Dolomites.When Jakub started with surprise proposal planning, he wanted to make it in the mountains. Kata, his wife to be, loves climbing and hills. Dolomites were on the bucket lists for so long, so it became THE place of his proposal. The only thing was – how to get me there, what to tell Kata so that they could meet me in Italy (with a camera) and how to explain me spending two days with them and at the same time not cause any suspicion that something is in the air.


Graz wedding

This is what you do when you want to go back to the roots: you do not choose modern dresses, but traditional Austrian dirndl; as a wedding venue, you pick a cottage with mountain views; and instead of DJ, you go for folk music.


Dallas Wedding Photography

10/2/18 Dallas Wedding

Haley and Ian made a trip to Prague last May and I was their engagement photographer. It is always nice to shoot back in my hometown. The day of the shooting was extremely cold, which is not usual for the beginning of May. Haley was wearing just a floral summer dress and naturally she was frozen.

One year later in Dallas, which was supposed to have warm weather, the cold hit us again. But Haley is a professional and she just faced the weather in her beautiful wardrobe the same way she did in Prague. And I am so proud of her!


Real film photo session

Engagement session in Prague


In this busy digital world, when the pictures are instantly ready and you see what you took straight away, it’s nice to calm down… pack few film rolls… and wait weeks until you see it.


Disappearing Manhattan

New York City photographer

This might have been the craziest photo session I have ever made.

Why? Because it was snowing all morning only to start raining a bit later. As you can imagine, the snow started to melt in that rain and all of us ended up wet. But this is the end of story.